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Your communication format should enhance your company and decipher dilemmas instead of hindering your organization. If your network decreases your production and increases the capital expenditure used to arrange, control, and sustain your calling schemes’ marketed attributes; is it worth the investment?


Computer telephone integration networks promise to bring an end to the annoyance and pointless outflow of cash. With the automatic configuration of voice processing systems and digital online linkage, your corporation will be functioning with dependable, undisturbed telephony operations within a blink of an eye.

Small Business VoIP
Small business owners can now enjoy all of the features and benefits of an enterprise PBX, including the desired appearance, for a fraction of the cost. Celerity offers an exceptional solution for hosted VoIP for small business owners that work from a home office, or in a small office setting.

Unmatched Customer Service
With 99.999% uptime, your Celerity business VoIP service reliably connects you with your customers on crisp, clear calls. In the event that you have questions about your service, our knowledge base and support portal navigate you through our products, and our friendly U.S.-based customer service department is ready to help.
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I strongly recommend Celerity because of the stability of their service, the price, the feature set, and the technical support are just world class.
Edward Longstreet - Novatel Marketing
Celerity is great because the price is right, it's got the right features, it does what we need it to do on a day to day basis and it allows customers to get a hold of us anytime they want.
Richard Lockwell - Family First Home Solutions
I've had Celerity VoIP service for 6 months now and have never had a problem. They have always been around to help and are always available. They have worked with me on making a payment and have provided great service at an unbeatable price!
Israel Grun - Blutential LLC